Thursday, October 13, 2016


This is the story of a young puppy named Hershey. We haven't shared his story before this because at one point the story was just too tragic and painful to share with anyone outside our circle of friends and fellow volunteers. Keep reading though, Hershey's story isn't over. While it's not a happily ever after story just yet, his story offers hope and happiness and a reason to celebrate. Hershey and his siblings were abandoned at an area animal control, motherless, at 10 days old. Through friends of our rescue, we were able to find this young litter of puppies a special surrogate mother. Once they were weaned, it was time for the puppies to go to their foster home. The puppies all became sick with a common puppy intestinal issue and with extra TLC and vet care, Hershey and his siblings survived and began to thrive again and were just normal, growing, young, playful puppies.

Hershey then started having problems with one of his back legs, his walk became something both comical and yet "not right" to look at. We feared something was either broken or very wrong and started getting vets involved at solving the mystery. Three days and multiple vet visits and a full spectrum of tests later, Hershey was completely unable to use any of his 4 legs in any way. They were complete noodles. It was so heartbreaking to see one so young unable to move and have no answers as to why, along with the news from the vet that it was possibly neurological and would have no cure.

Rescue people can be a very determined bunch, and our foster homes are full of the most caring and dedicated people around. Hershey was lucky to have one special family dedicated to going the extra mile. They decided to go with a combination of drug therapy, physical therapy and lots of extra love. We also had many circles of friends and volunteers helping and praying and financially supporting the unconventional attempt to cure Hershey. It took a week and many tears and days full of worrying before we saw just a glimmer of improvement. Hershey's foster family stayed dedicated to Hershey and his increasing level of care. Since the glimmer of hope started, it has been another week of small improvements, bringing us to the happy news now of him being able to stand, and take steps on his own. He still isn't 100% and his walking gait is still nowhere near normal or smooth, but our little group of fosters and friends are certainly cheering Hershey's progress and completely thrilled at his success. We have hopes of reporting a full recovery soon.

On behalf of the rescue, I want to thank Shannan and her family for all the special care they've shown Hershey and his siblings. Fostering a litter of puppies is usually joyful, although very labor intensive. Fostering sick puppies is much, much harder. We are so glad all of her family's efforts were rewarded with happy news for Hershey. We are always looking for more people to join our team and give dogs the second chance they deserve.

There are multiple ways you can help, and because Hershey's story isn't yet finished, we could always use donations of items or financial support for him and others who have special medical needs. Currently we could use puppy pads and Hershey loves his "special" food of Nutro puppy wet food which is in little plastic serving trays. Puppy chew toys are also appreciated at this age. You can also check our ongoing wish list on Amazon to help our other animals in rescue. Donated items can be brought to our events, and monetary donations can be mailed to our P.O box. If you want to be a part of our rescue as a volunteer, please fill out a volunteer application. A little help from many people makes all the difference to the animals in need.

Thank you for all the support in its many forms,

KAR Volunteer