Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Thank You to Our Sponsors!

We want to extend a special thank you to our donors in our Mom and Puppy Naming Fundraiser. Mom and all of her ten puppies have been gifted with names and will be up for adoption soon!  

Name That Puppy! Sponsorship Package ~ $50

  • Carley sponsored by Kelley G. in Memory of Carley
  • Abbey and Vinny sponsored by Yvonne J.
  • Hunter sponsored the Smith Family: Tracy, Kenny, Avery and Evan
  • Webster sponsored by Kegan and Kearney M. in Honor of Grandma and Grandpa W.
  • Henry sponsored by Kegan and Keaney M. in Honor of Aunt Nesa
  • Daisy Mae sponsored by Susan F.
  • Sammy sponsored by Hollyanna H.
  • Brutus sponsored by Brain and Ellie L. in Honor of Carter and Kennedy D.
  • Bo sponsored by Brain and Ellie L. in Honor of Ethan and Hailey L.

 Spay/Neuter Sponsorship Package ~ $250

  • Baylee sponsored by the Bolhuis Family to The Lundquist Family in Memory of Baylee

An Extra Special Thank You

We would also like to thank Joanne R. for her generous donation to pay for all of mom, Carley's, veterinary costs for her spay surgery and vaccinations! 

You can still help by making a donation to our rescue so we can not only help cover vet care for these puppies but the help future rescue cats and dogs as well. Click on our donation page to find out all the ways you can help KAR.  Can't donate? Consider becoming a volunteer. We have lots of volunteer opportunities like fostering, grant writing, and more.

Know someone looking to add a lifelong friend to family? Be sure to share Carley and her puppies with them. They might just be the perfect match for one of these wonderful canines! 

And continue to help KAR by voting for the KALSEE Share-the-Love video contest. It's FREE, easy and we NEED YOUR HELP to get as many votes possible everyday! Vote at: