Saturday, May 9, 2015

A Special Thank You to Animal Rescue Moms

We want to give a special Thank you to animal rescue moms this Mother's Day. 

These wonderful women dedicate themselves to caring for the abandoned, feeding the hungry, nursing the sick, and comforting the injured animals that find their way into their loving arms. 

They come from all walks of life. They may have work, classes, families, children and pets of their own to care for, but they still make the time to care for rescue animals. Young and old, their arms are the ones these pets seek comfort in. They whisper soothing words to the frightened and timid animals that have never known kindness. Patiently waiting for the moment when that cat or dog realizes it is now safe. It is loved. That now, everything is going to be alright. 

They accept slobbery kisses and a wardrobe covered in pet hair, because nothing is better than cuddling up with a furry friend. 

These women seem to have a boundless amount of energy--walking miles every week, playing endless games of fetch, spending hours dangling feather toys and dealing with catnip cravings.  They have countless mouths to feed, vet visits to make, medicine to administer, adoption events to travel to, not to mention all the pooper scoopering and litter box duty they endure. These ladies deserve some pampering! 

They have known heartbreak for the ones that did not make it, the ones that no matter how hard fought, could not be saved. They were too injured, too sick, too frail, but they knew the love of a mother, no matter how briefly before they passed over the rainbow bridge. 

They have felt immense happiness of saving a life, to watch an animal grow and blossom. Treating these cats and dogs like they are their very own, and sending them off to their forever homes with tears of joy in their eyes. Because no matter how hard it is to say goodbye, they can now save another life. And each and every pet they say goodbye to takes a piece of their heart with them.

Please think about honoring mothers this Mother's Day by donating to help provide care for animals in need.  
1.  Make a Supply or Monetary Donation
     a. We are in need of these supply donations right now
          - Dry (IAMS, Purina One, or Royal Canin preferred) and wet (canned) kitten food
          - High protein puppy food
          - Toys (especially nyla and chewers for teething)
          - Bottles (for kittens) 
          - Litter
2.Honorarium and Memorial Program
3. Volunteer  
4. Adopt

Their kittens have all grown and found forever homes of their own, but these moms are still hoping to find theirs.

Robin is the BEST kitty mom! She not only cared for her own three kittens, but adopted another litter of six kittens that were rejected by their own mother. Just when she thought she was done feeding three hungry mouths, she stepped up to do it all over again for twice as many babies! This super mom deserves a forever home to give her much needed pampering. Lovely Robin has been waiting for her forever home since Fall 2014.
Keira came into the rescue very sick with little ones to care for. She is now happy and healthy and hoping to find her forever home. She is friendly and affectionate and will purr, purr, purr! when you pet her.

Imani is a cuddle-bug. While she's not fond of being picked up, she loves to curl up next to you on the couch or in bed. She'd love a quieter home without dogs.

These are just SOME of our current moms and babies in foster care. We have more moms and kittens and several bottle babies and motherless litters being cared for. They will all be looking for their forever homes in the coming months. Please read about Kitten Season and how you can help KAR.
Onyx just recently gave birth to 12 pups (three were sadly stillborn). She is one tired momma right now. Her and her babies are going to need LOTS of puppy food and teething toys for all those puppy teeth!

Momma cat Goldie

Goldie and her kitten Gizmo. This is Goldie before treatment and now her foster can see that she has  gorgeous blue-green eyes.



Shoes, Victor and Vanessa

Lenny and Karl

Mom Pixel

Pixel's kittens: Patchy, Picasso, Pixie and PeeWee

Potter and Weasley

Xaviera. He is one of Keira's kittens that has been battling a bad URI. Now he is finally feeling better after months of treatment and will be looking for his forever home soon.
Mommy Iggy had four little kittens. Three of whom are already spoken for, but her and baby Blue (pictured below) are looking for their forever homes.