Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Lexi's Love and Kindness

A couple of weeks ago, Kalamazoo Animal Rescue received a concerned call from Kalamazoo County Animal Services.  They had just received an emaciated female Chihuahua with a broken front leg and sores all over her petite body.  KAR wasted no time in retrieving the pup—now named Lexi—bringing her to the Southwest Michigan Animal Hospital right away.  

It was discovered that Lexi had a right radius and ulna fracture which was repaired by securing a plate to her bones.  Lexi spent two days in the hospital recuperating and rehydrating and eating everything in sight.  While in the hospital Lexi’s story was shared on our Facebook page, and touched the heart of a generous lady who reached out to the rescue wanting to help. 

Kalamazoo Animal Rescue has been asked not to share the name of Lexi’s guardian angels so with respect to their wishes we will call them Love and Kindness.  

Love saw Lexi’s story and it touched her heart so much that over the following week, with the help of Kindness, she started to receive donations from her clients to help Lexi.  Meanwhile, Lexi was transitioning perfectly into her foster home and becoming part of the family.  

Little Lexi Lou Who, as her foster family calls her, spends her days relaxing on a couch and her nights sleeping under the covers of her foster mom and dad’s bed.  When they took her to a routine vet visit, Lexi was determined to be about 4 years old, lacking in proper nutrition and the sores are the result of resting on the floor of a wire cage for so long it calloused her skin.  It has not been determined how Lexi broke her leg, but that sometimes happens with little dogs that jump from high distances. 

Little Lexi Lou Who met Love and Kindness a few days later.  They brought her treats, played with her and took lots of pictures.  In addition, Love donated a check to Kalamazoo Animal Rescue in the amount of $600 to go towards Lexi’s operation expenses!!!  Kalamazoo Animal Rescue would like to thank Love and Kindness for their generosity in sponsoring Lexi.  Like so many others out there, Little Lexi Lou Who deserves all that we can give her! Please consider sponsoring one of our many deserving animals.  Every little bit counts.  

Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorials and Honorariums

Memorials and Honorariums: we are so thankful to have received these gifts

To find out more about our memorial and honorary gifts program, read here.

Do you have a story to share with us like Gabby's and Bert's?

Please read:


Sunday, May 25, 2014

A Day in the Life of Rescued Kittens and a Momma Cat

Who doesn't love cute kittens? They're cute, fuzzy, adorable little balls of fun. But do you ever wonder what it's like for the dedicated foster volunteers who care for them? 

Please read "A Day in the Life of Rescued Kittens and a Momma Cat" from a past issue of our eNewsletter. 

Caring for kittens or moms and kittens is a lot of work, but it's also one of the most rewarding experiences of an animal rescuer. 

We could really use your help too. Please consider volunteering or making supply/monetary donations so that we can continue to care for these cuties and help save more.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Portia's Kittens: One Week Old

If you haven't read Portia and Ellen's story so far, please read it here

Sweet Portia's kittens are one week old and just as cute as can be. Portia has a mini-me that has her identical Classic Tabby coat, two girls: one dark grey and one light grey that look like Ellen, and one boy with a midnight-black coat. 

We hope you enjoyed the cuteness overload! But please do consider donating supplies: kitten food, litter, KMR, blankets or funds to help us care for not only Portia and her kittens, but all our rescue litters. Find out how you can help on our donation page.

Please consider becoming a foster volunteer. We have lots of abandoned kittens, pregnant moms, and moms and babies and we need your help. Find out more about becoming a foster volunteer here

Sweet Portia and her kittens won't be ready to go to their forever homes for a couple of months, but happy-go-lucky Ellen is ready to find her forever family. Read her bio here on our website and watch a fun video too.

Be sure to check back for more updates on Ellen, Portia and the kittens!

Friday, May 16, 2014

We Need Cat/Kitten Foster Homes!

We need your help! We desperately need cat/kitten foster homes; especially with the influx of so many kittens and pregnant moms. Please share with your friends and family to help us find new volunteers. Learn more about fostering and other volunteer opportunities on our website:

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

May 17th Adoption Event at Vicksburg Chrysler

Join us at Vicksburg Chrysler (view map) this Saturday, May 17th for an adoption event from 11:00-4:00. See our schedule pets on our event page!

Monday, May 12, 2014

Upcoming Kittens

Kitten Season is in full swing and we have many kittens, pregnant females, and moms and newborns that won't be ready for homes for a few weeks to a couple of months, but we wanted to share some of these cuties with you to help them find forever homes that will eagerly await their arrival! 

Be sure to check back on our blog for updates. You can fill out a "General" cat adoption form on our website. If you see a kitten or mom that you you'd like to learn more about, mention it in the comments section of the application. 

Please also view our adoptable kittens and cats on our website. 

Supply and monetary donations will go a long way to help us feed moms and kittens, help pay their vet bills and to help us save more litters. View our donation page to find out how you can help.

Mom's and babies:

1. Tiki's Kittens: View post here.

2. Ciara's Kittens: View post here.

3. Portia's Kittens: View post here

4. Tara and Kittens: Tara is a sweet petite Dilute Tortoiseshell (DSH) who gave birth to five kittens. Two black boys, One Tortoiseshell girl, and two orange boys (all DSH).  

5. Gordita's Kittens were born on April 17th. Three boys and three girls. 



1. Isabella: 7 week old, black Female 

2. Momo (left) and Meelo (right): almost 3 months old, Siamese mix brothers. These boys are just waiting for neuter appointment and should be ready for their forever home(s) in a couple weeks.

3. Benny and Joon with Harry and Sally. These four cuties (two boys and two girls) are teeny tiny and won't be ready to go to their forever homes for about a month or more.

4. A little Torti girl and two black and white boys that are nearly identical (only one pictured).

5. Six siblings: five girls and one boy (black and white). These cuties are about six weeks old.

Portia's Kittens

We have an exciting announcement to share with you! Our special girl, Portia, gave birth to four little kittens just in time for Mother’s day. 

Our Ellen (Grey Manx Mix) and Portia (Classic Tabby) were at animal services needing to find homes immediately as they were scheduled to be euthanized the very next day because no one wanted them and they were suffering from upper respiratory infections. We knew these girls were special thought, so we went down and saved these two adorable girls. 

Portia was already given her name by the staff at animal services, but we knew right away the perfect name for our little grey Manx girl: Ellen! She was quite the talker on the car ride to her foster home, and must have been telling her rescuers just how happy she was to be given a chance to find a wonderful family to love her. Plus, we just couldn’t resist naming the duo Ellen and Portia since so many of us in the rescue just adore them both.

The girls were estimated to be only about 9-10 months at their first vet checkup, and poor Portia was so miserable due to a severe upper respiratory infection (URI). Safe in my foster home the girls were treated with antibiotics, got lots of nourishment and showered with love and affection. Happy-go-lucky Ellen was just as sweet as could be and recuperated quickly and always checked on Portia to make her feel better.

Portia and Ellen grew happier and healthier each day and were scheduled to be spayed, but the day before Portia was sniffley so we had to reschedule her appointment.  Poor Portia still seemed to be battling with her URI. Ellen did wonderful at her appointment and was up and bouncing around in no time and ran to check on Portia. Our little Portia was acting even more strangely though and we couldn’t quite figure out what was up with her. She was showing signs that we’d normally see with rescued pregnant cats, but she was only 10 months old and showed no symptoms before now. Surely she just must be coping with her URI, but we took her into the vet again the very next day.

We couldn’t believe what the vet told me—our Portia WAS pregnant! How could that be? We thought. Our Portia was malnourished and miserable from her life before she entered the rescue that it hid her pregnancy from us all. We couldn’t believe this tiny young girl was going to be a mom. 

A short two weeks later, on May 10th, Portia became the proud momma to four little kittens just in time for Mother’s Day. One little girl is identical to her mom, two look just like Ellen—can you believe it!?—and one little boy has a midnight-black coat. So adorable!

We haven’t named the kittens yet, but wanted to share these little miracles and just one of the joys that comes from volunteering with and animal rescue with you. 

It turns out that we didn’t just save two lives that day, but six. Now these six wonderful kitties will be spayed/neutered, receive vet care, get lots of love and attention, and be able to live long, happy, healthy lives. All they need now is for their forever families to find them and eagerly await the day that they can bring them home.   


No matter whether you are human, canine, or feline, we ALL are special on this day! Happy Mother’s day to all the moms out there.