Sunday, March 30, 2014

In Loving Memory of Gabby

Gabby bought us over 17 years of joy and companionship since I adopted her from KAR, and I wanted to share my memories of her with you. Your rescue does great things; keep up the good work!  


I personally did not like cats. I admit I was a dog person at heart. But in 1997, when I lived in Kalamazoo, Michigan, I visited a foster home where I met a black and white green-eyed tabby named Magic.

Her foster told me her name was Magic because she would climb out of this big cardboard box each morning and no one could figure out how.  This tiny female kitten—not more than a month old—would climb up the stairs and sit at the top of the basement steps each morning, where she hung out with her American Eskimo puppy friend.

Amazingly, Magic’s mother was carrying kittens from two separate fathers, and while her mom and brothers were all orange tabbies, Magic was the sole black and white kitten of the litter.

I renamed her to Gabby—short for Gabrielle—and coincidentally, Gabby turned out to be a talker so her name was a perfect fit. And once I took her home she got into all kinds of mischief! I remember she unraveled a whole roll of toilet paper one day and on another day jumped off a 10-foot high deck chasing a chipmunk. Her landing was fine, but I’m sure she used up one of her 9 lives. I remember scolding her for drinking out from the toilet as opposed to her water bowl. I also remember taking her to the vet because, while I was painting, I thought she got into my white paint thinking it was milk. She was fine, but was down to 7 lives now. I still have the wooden ship on my mantle that she knocked over, braking one of the sails. I still laugh were the center post was glued back together. She knocked over the clock on the mantle one day and when it the broke, she sat there and pouted the entire day. How could I be mad? 

Gabby was special indeed. She would always beat me going up the stairs no matter how much of a head start I had! She even liked to go for walks and would follow me wherever I was around the house. Her habits were much like a dog and sometimes human. Gabby loved to greet anyone who came to the door, trying to get you to scratch her tummy and loved to give head-bumps when she wanted attention. I remember in her younger days she would love to rough-house by head butting me in the palm of my hand, curling up for a nap on the couch afterward.  To this day, the couch has a dip in it from her perching there over the years. 

And Gabby could scrap with the best of them. If there was a stray cat on our patio, Gabby was ready to fly through the glass growling, hissing, and spitting. I would laugh because she was so small, but her tiny size didn’t faze her. She talked a mean talk, but she always remained safely inside as an indoor cat. But she did get to venture into the great wide world by plane when I relocated to New Jersey in 2001. She has frequent flyer miles to her name, which is pretty cool for a cat.

Gabby had some unusual habits too. She loved chewing on jewelry like watch bands; I never figured out what the attraction was to chewing on jewelry. Her favorite treats were tuna fish, vanilla pudding and vanilla ice cream. Over time she learned to talk and say the word “no” and man did she use that word often. If she did not want to eat something, she would turn her head and would say “no.”

For 17 years, Gabby was never sick; which I cannot believe to this day and consider myself blessed.
Gabby you lived a long and healthy life. You are in your final resting place. I am sure you are in heaven because you brought so much happiness, laughs, and affection to those who you met. Gabby girl, I am sure you are safe now, and you are probably gabbing with some other kitties right now. Please mind your manners and do not hiss at the other cats, and always remember that you will never be forgotten.  

Gabby you were everyone’s special pet. May the angels take you under their wings and fly you over the rainbow.

God bless you!         

Friday, March 28, 2014

This little guy is a Trooper

* Viewer caution: animal wound images that may not be suitable for all audiences  

Welcome our newest little guy - Trooper! Danielle pulled this guy last week for KAR from animal services. He had been found as a stray with these terrible wounds, suspected as the result from a car accident, and Danielle volunteered to foster him. Aptly named, Trooper has been a champ through all of his vet appointments and procedures/medicine and treatment. 

Hanging out at Animal Services
His new vet is suspecting chemical burns, though we will never be certain exactly what happened. He is a little overweight and loving of people, so it is apparent he was a beloved pet at some point. The wounds on his body indicate something being poured over him, however. What that was, and whether it was malicious or accidental will never be known. He is on many antibiotics, pain killers, a topical ointment, and medicated baths 3x a week.

Day three with Danielle in his foster home
He is a super happy guy, and is taking everything in stride. He loves cats and seems very interested in Danielle's dogs, though due to his sensitive skin, he has not gotten to meet them. He loves to go for walks or car rides and is very quiet in the crate. He needs a little work on housetraining, but he's great for the most part with supervision. He has three vet appointments a week, currently, to track healing progress. He went in this week and stayed the night to get all that skin trimmed away, and this was the result...

He's feeling so much better since then, and he has another appointment tomorrow morning. Everyone that meets him is falling in love. He's estimated to be a 5 year old, still intact Chihuahua and is so friendly and loving. Once he is feeling better he will get all of his vaccines and a neuter. He is heartworm negative. He just wants to cuddle up and sleep next to anyone that will pet his belly! We can't wait for his skin to heal up so that he can spend more time getting to meet potential adopters.