Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Itty Bitty Kitty Committee at Petco Adoption Event 8/3

The Itty Bitty Kitty Committee: Diana, Theia and Athena will be at the Saturday adoption event at Petco on August 3rd. Come down to meet these cuties and all of our other fosters that will be attending the event to see if you are the right forever home for them!

• Female                • Domestic Short Hair                  • Grey/Tan Tabby Mix                      • 8 May 2013
I’m quite the huntress, just like my namesake, and love to stalk and pounce on my toys—and my sisters too! My sister, Theia and I were rescued together and went to live with our stepsister, Athena when we were about 8 weeks old. I love to snuggle-up with my sisters for a nap after playing and it’s even better when I get to cuddle-up with one of my foster moms. I LOVE to cuddle! I’d love to be adopted with one of my sisters. Theia and I are very close since we’ve always been together.

• Female             • Domestic Short Hair                  • Mostly White Calico Mix              • 8 May 2013
Aren’t I just one of the cutest kitties you’ve ever seen? I am a mostly white little calico lady with a lovely voice; I love to mew for attention from my foster moms and they think it’s really cute!  I was rescued with my sister, Diana and we both went to live with our stepsister, Athena when we were 8 weeks old. We have a blast playing together and we make our foster moms laugh a lot. I love to play with all sorts of toys, with my sisters, and even my own tail! I’m also a snuggle-bug! There’s no better place to be than with my foster mom and my fleece blanket! Diana and I are very close, so maybe you could consider adopting us together?

• Female              • Domestic Short Hair            •Chocolate/Grey Tabby Mix               • 15 May 2013
I’m very courageous and adventurous—I love to explore new things. Since Diana and Theia came to live with me I’ve gotten to play and play and play! I love my sisters and we have so much fun together! I love to play with my sisters and my foster moms. I chirp when I play and I carry around my toys—I pick them right up in my mouth and cart them off! My foster moms think it’s quite adorable. While I’m the perfect playful kitten, I can also be really lazy and love to plop down for a good long nap—tummy up—with my sisters and my foster moms. I LOVE a good snuggle pile with my sisters and lots of cuddles from my moms!

These three girls have such a blast together! Since they were all so small when the came into the rescue they still need to gain more weight before they can be spayed and cannot go to their forever homes until then. You can still submit and application for them now though, either online or at the adoption event.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Marmalade Kittens

Did you know that approximately 80 percent of all orange tabbies are male? Why is that? Well, let’s head back to our high school biology course. 

Gender is determined by the sex chromosomes—there’s an X chromosome and a Y chromosome—that one inherits. A female inherits two X chromosomes and a male inherits one X chromosome and one Y chromosome. Pretty simple, right? 

In cats, the gene that produces the orange coloration is found on the X chromosomes. That means that a male cat that is orange has inherited an X chromosome containing the orange gene. But it’s a little more complicated for the ladies. 

In order for a female cat to be born orange, she must to inherit two X chromosomes that BOTH carry the orange gene. If she only inherits one X chromosome with the orange gene, the likely result will be a calico colored coat. 

Okay, so do you remember how rare it is for an orange cat to be born female? That’s right, 20 percent. Now remember that fact while you look at all the adorableness happening in this photo.

Four of these little orange-marmalade kittens from the same litter are FEMALE! You heard that right! These little ladies have won the genetic lottery! Aren’t they just adorable!? Oh, and say hello to their orange brother and their little grey and white “brother”-- he was rescued from a separate litter. 

So, if you’re interested in adopting one or more of these special little ladies—or their brothers—head on over to our website and fill out a general cat adoptionapplication form with the subject: marmalade kittens. They’re waiting to get spayed/neutered soon, but should be ready to go to their forever homes shortly after.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Update from Pantera's forever family

Just wanted to give you an update on Pantera,

He's a curious little guy and his sing song-y voice makes us smile each time he comes into a room.  He loves to play with his bird on a string, shoe strings, and his favorite past-time is watching out the window.  While he's a little crazy sometimes, we love his rambunctious nature.  Every day with him is a new adventure.

Thank you Renee, for helping our family discover this little ball of joy.

Hope everything is going well,
The Morgans

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Monday, July 1, 2013

Toothless and Cleo


Hi Everybody! 

Toothless checking in to tell you that my roomie Tigger got adopted at the Petco event on Saturday. I got to meet lots of new people--many of whom recognized my name from How to Train Your Dragon! Since my buddy Tigger got adopted I got to bring home a new friend named Cleo--a girl!--to share my kitty cat room with. She's a pretty black and white kitty with cute white whiskers.

We have lots of fun playing, purring and cuddling with each other and our foster humans. Cleo brought this great fuzzy blanket with her that's so soft and comfy to sleep on--it may be pink and covered with cupcakes but that's okay.

We're both still waiting for our forever families to come adopt us--maybe even together--and we wanted to share a video of us having some fun together :) 

Don't forget to read all about us on the KAR website!