Tuesday, April 30, 2013

This is quite the busy weekend!

We'll be at the KHS Dog Walk at Prairie View Park in Vicksburg Saturday, May 4th. You can see which of our fosters are scheduled to be there on our event page.

We also have our Saturday adoption event at Petco this week. Join us there May 4th to see some of our adorable cat fosters who are looking for their forever homes. Find out what fosters are scheduled to be there on our event page.

On Sunday, May 5th we hope you'll join us for our new fundraiser at Olga's Kitchen in the Crossroads Mall in Portage.

The fundraiser runs all day, so stop in whenever you like. Don't forget to follow the link to print out the fundraiser flyer; you'll need it to participate. Don't forget to share with your family, friends and co-workers. 

For more details, read our Save the Date: Olga's Kitchen Fundraiser post.

Let's have fun this weekend and raise as many donations as we can to support our great foster animals!

Monday, April 29, 2013

Don’t Judge a Kitten by the Color of Its Fur

No one likes to admit it, but we all make judgments based on appearance. Because of this and misconceptions fueled by long-held stereotypes and myths entrenched in superstition, black cats and dogs are often deemed “less adoptable.” They are often the last to be adopted and the first to be euthanized. This predicament is known as black cat and dog syndrome.

Black Cat Syndrome

  • Many people think that a cat’s color indicates a level of personality and that a lack of distinguishing features means a lack of character. This belief coupled with longstanding superstitions associating black cats with evil and witchcraft, lead to the phenomenon known as black cat syndrome. 
  • While black cats are often overlooked, they are frequently described as laid back, friendly, and even more social than other cats.  
  • All cats have unique personality traits, and black cats are no different. Quite often black cats seem to be more empathetic and intuitive. 
  • Many countries still believe in negative black cat superstitions, but other view black cats positively. For instance, in Japan a black cat crossing your path is a sign of good fortune. 

Black Cats Are Truly Remarkable!

  • Did you know that few black cats are truly all black? Most have a small white or brown marking, making a true black cat quite rare. 
  • Scientists believe that cats with black fur were repeatedly favored by evolution, most likely because of the ability for black cats to camouflage themselves at night. Scientists also believe that the gene that causes black fur may also protect against diseases—ensuring a greater survival rate for black cats. Scientists have also discovered that a cat’s black fur gene is recessive.  Meaning that in order to have black fur, a cat must carry two copies of the recessive black fur gene.  Scientist are still not sure why black fur is so common, given the fact that double recessive genes are very rare.

So if you’re looking to add a new feline to your home this Kitten Season, don’t overlook those special black cats because they just might turn out to be the perfect match for your family.

Meet KAR’s Black Kittens

Come meet the cats and kittens looking for a home at our local adoption events and learn more about them under the Adoptable Kittens Tab and Adoptable Cat Tab on our website.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Talia's Kittens

Talia's Pi Day kittens are getting so big! 






Levi, Loni, Roxi, Suzi, and Toni should be ready to go to there new homes around May 18th.

If you're interested in adopting one or more of them, or any of our kittens, you can fill out a general adoption application on our website describing what type of cat/kittens you're looking for.

Pre-approved applicants can meet the kittens at their foster home prior to adoption and put down a deposit to hold the kitten until it is ready to go to its forever home.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Four Bottle Babies

These four little kittens came into KAR when they were only eight days old. There about 4-5 weeks old now and still have to take their first trip to the vet. They should be available for adoption in mid-May. Be sure to check back for updates!

Trifle (tiger) and Trill (white and grey)



Angel's Happy Tail Update

I was just thinking it was April of 2005, that we were lucky enough to adopt Angel. She will be coming up on 14 years old this July. She has a few lumps and bumps but is overall doing really well. 

She is still very spunky, waking us every morning between 6-6:30 am. She seems to never have gotten the concept of sleeping in on weekends. She is hilarious and still runs around to get a squeaky toy to throw into the walls and chase it when it bounces off. She will shake it and then let go...often having it land on one of our heads. She will do this until we get up and feed her, LOL!

Angel will lay looking out the door all during the day but runs and plays every morning and evening still.

Angel is still fixated on Tom. She follows him everywhere; not that he minds. He has a photo of her that he shows on his phone and he calls her "Sweetie." 

Angel is the one in the middle....she is with Buddy and Moe....we have no idea what these secret meetings they have are all about.

She gets along great with our other dogs--and can be caught cuddling with them at times--and even tolerates big dogs who come to visit.

Just wanted to let you know she is doing well and to say thanks again for picking us to adopt her,


p.s. She sleeps upside-down (on her back) between our pillows.

Check out a previous update on Angel here.