Sunday, August 6, 2017


Make dinner a selfless act by joining us for a fundraiser to support Kalamazoo Animal Rescue. Come in to the Chipotle at 5964 S. Westnedge Ave in Portage on Thursday, August 17th between 4:00pm and 8:00pm. Bring in the Chipotle Flyer, show it on your smartphone or tell the cashier you're supporting the cause to make sure that 50% of the proceeds will be donated to Kalamazoo Animal Rescue.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

A hot car is not the place for your dog to wait for you

Summer is in full swing and the hot weather is here.  Please remember that a hot car is not the place for your dog to wait for you.  Save that errand for later or leave your dog at home.   Even leaving the car windows open will not keep your dog from dangerously overheating in just a few minutes.

Don't believe me?  I challenge you to sit in your car in the full sun for just 10 minutes and tell me how you feel.  Your dog feels worse in his fur suit. 

Hot Car Statistics: 

Let's talk about what to do if you see a dog in danger in a parked car outside a store.  Breaking the car window and/or confronting the owner should be your last choices.  An angry, defensive owner can be a danger to you.  Laws vary from State to State, and unfortunately Michigan doesn't have anything passed yet (but they are working on it).  Call 911 if you sense that a dog (or child) left unattended in a vehicle is in grave danger. Don’t hesitate. Don’t go in search of the car owner. Dial 911 and let authorities handle the situation.

Be safe, enjoy the warm's Michigan and we'll all be cold again sooner than we would like! 


Friday, June 30, 2017

Celebrate the Fourth of July but remember to keep your pets safe!!

It's that time of the summer again everyone! You know, fireworks time! As fun as fireworks are to watch and enjoy with family and friends, some of our family members are frightened by them.

Below are some links to help you keep your pets safe during the fireworks.  Many pets get scared and run away from home during the fireworks and may never return, or will end up at an already over-full shelter.

Thank you for supporting Kalamazoo Animal Rescue....we could not do what we do without your support and contributions. 

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Fundraiser at Texas Roadhouse

Thursday, February 9 at 4 PM - 9 PM

Texas Roadhouse
7039 S Westnedge Ave,
Portage, Michigan 49002

 Kalamazoo Animal Rescue will receive 10% of the food purchases from receipts put in the donation box.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Seniors looking for homes!

Do you want a new pet but don't want to worry about training them and dealing with too much energy? Please consider adopting a senior pet, you'll get all the love and none of that young animal energy or training. We have many pets available, both cats and dogs.

Mongo, 10-year-old female DMH Torti
Cameo, 10-year-old female DLH Black Torti
Sunshine, 8-year-old female DSH Torbi
Pretty Girl, 8-year-old female DSH Black and White
Pansy, 7-year-old female DSH Torti

Frankie, 9-year-old male Chihuahua mix
Cappy, 7-year-old male Chihuahua mix
Coraline, 6-year-old female Chihuahua mix

Monday, January 23, 2017

Adopted Faces of 2016

Over 750 animals found forever homes last year. Our annual video showcases some of the adorable cats and dogs helped by Kalamazoo Animal Rescue. All of us at KAR thank you for your continued support.