Friday, October 17, 2014

Khaleesi's Happy Tail

Many KAR pets have been adopted into loving homes thanks to partnership with Portage Animal Hospital (PAH). Doctor Helmholdt and the PAH staff have been instrumental in placing 118 kitties in forever homes since the in-clinic cat adoption center began in October 2010. 

At PAH, our felines stay in comfortable enclosures in the main lobby and are cared for by clinic staff to ensure they are happy and healthy during their two-week stay. Anyone can visit the cats during normal business hours and interact with them upon request. Kitties can be adopted directly from PAH with pre-approval and permission from the foster parent.

PAH provides great exposure, especially for the “less adoptable” such as black kittens, mature and senior cats, and those with special needs. Cats are often adopted quickly from PAH because the venue showcases a feline’s true personality. One success story is Kahlessi, a three-month-old black kitten that was adjusting to only having one eye. PAH allowed her sweet and cuddly personality that her adopter, Allie, fell in love with to shine. 

Khaleesi, a three-month-old, domestic-short-haired black kitten was adjusting to only having one eye after being rescued from the outdoors with a severe eye-infection. The vet's only course of action was to remove her eye. 

While she was a little tentative about jumping up, Khalessi was still your typical happy kitten: playful, active, affection and quite the purr-er! But because the color of her fur and her missing eye, she was completely overlooked online and at adoption events in favor of pets considered more adoptable, so she went to showcased at Portage Animal Hospital's cat adoption center. 

PAH allowed Khaleesi's sweet and cuddly nature, as well as her unique and spitfire personality that her adopter, Allie, fell in love with to shine. This wonderful girl wasn't even at PAH a week before finding her perfect forever home! 

This is Allie, Khaleesi's new mom. I wanted to send an update to you as soon as I could. Well, first off, she has a new name: Whimsy Khaleesi and she is already responding to "Whimsy" or "Little Lady." She is having a great time exploring her new home and meeting her new animal family. Her sister, Trixie Belden, adores her. Whimsy is still warming up to Trix, but she loves Trixie's tail!
Whimsy is quite the purr-er and loves to suckle on a bright purple blanket. She also likes sparkly/shiny things (like me!) so she is all over my jewelry and glasses! She is very cuddly and lovey and has been taking lots of naps on or by me. She also has quite the meow! If I need to leave her for a moment and she notices, you can hear her meow in every part of the house. She now accompanies me wherever I go around the house unless Trixie is able to distract her.
Thank you for taking such good care of her, and loving her so much! Trixie and I are so glad to have Whimsy, the three of us are very happy together!


Hanging out with her cousin Tony, her defender (on the left side) and Maebe (on the right).

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Oliver Celebrates His One-Year Birthday!

I'm hoping you remember me and Oliver (formerly "Icarus"). It has been pretty close to a year since adopting him, and yesterday was his 1st birthday! I bought him a special treat, and a cat nip ball (he loved it!). He is such a perfect little kitty, very well behaved and such a lover. He is a wonderful cuddler, and has a ton of energy! I absolutely adore him. He has stolen my heart and cannot wait to have him as my companion for years and years to come. 



October 2013: Oliver's Happy Tail

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Joy's Happy Tail

Joy (Isabelle Joy) has found her new FOREVER home! 
She is such a delight to be around and has adjusted to her new home already. She plays with her toys, has running spurts, sleeps with us at night and enjoys the view from our slider door.  

She accidentally put a couple little holes in the screen while trying to get the little chipmunk that comes up here often and her nails keep getting caught in the carpet, so I bought some nail trimmers yesterday.  She let me do one foot last night before she decided she wanted to wait to do the other ones later, so we will tackle them a little at a time.  

I also bought one of those cardboard scratching board thingies and she LOVES it.  As soon as Bob opened it and put it on the floor, she was all over it.  Not sure if they help to keep their nails filed down some or not, but at least we can direct her to this if we find her using the couch to scratch on. 
My mom bought her a little fuzzy mouse that you can keep filling with catnip and she goes crazy with that; it is so fun to watch her.  Joy has such a sweet and fun personality.  

She is definitely in her forever home!  I’m attaching a picture of her on her first night here, lying on the back of the couch. You can to be sure that she went to a good home and that she is happy, and so are we!!! 

Take care and thank you again for everything,

Bob and Patti