Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Oliver Celebrates His One-Year Birthday!

I'm hoping you remember me and Oliver (formerly "Icarus"). It has been pretty close to a year since adopting him, and yesterday was his 1st birthday! I bought him a special treat, and a cat nip ball (he loved it!). He is such a perfect little kitty, very well behaved and such a lover. He is a wonderful cuddler, and has a ton of energy! I absolutely adore him. He has stolen my heart and cannot wait to have him as my companion for years and years to come. 



October 2013: Oliver's Happy Tail

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Joy's Happy Tail

Joy (Isabelle Joy) has found her new FOREVER home! 
She is such a delight to be around and has adjusted to her new home already. She plays with her toys, has running spurts, sleeps with us at night and enjoys the view from our slider door.  

She accidentally put a couple little holes in the screen while trying to get the little chipmunk that comes up here often and her nails keep getting caught in the carpet, so I bought some nail trimmers yesterday.  She let me do one foot last night before she decided she wanted to wait to do the other ones later, so we will tackle them a little at a time.  

I also bought one of those cardboard scratching board thingies and she LOVES it.  As soon as Bob opened it and put it on the floor, she was all over it.  Not sure if they help to keep their nails filed down some or not, but at least we can direct her to this if we find her using the couch to scratch on. 
My mom bought her a little fuzzy mouse that you can keep filling with catnip and she goes crazy with that; it is so fun to watch her.  Joy has such a sweet and fun personality.  

She is definitely in her forever home!  I’m attaching a picture of her on her first night here, lying on the back of the couch. You can to be sure that she went to a good home and that she is happy, and so are we!!! 

Take care and thank you again for everything,

Bob and Patti

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

From Crumb to Champion

An update on Crumb: 

I thought you might enjoy a video of Champion playing and being adorable, which is pretty much what he does most of the time when he isn't sleeping, eating or cuddling. I can't tell you how sweet he is, he is an absolute treat. I tell him all the time to stop being so cute because I can't handle it. I'm so thankful for all the time and care you spent with him because he really has brought a lot of joy to me. He is a loved member of the family, even by the senior cats. 
Read his beginnings here.


Thursday, June 26, 2014

Barn Homes Needed

Kalamazoo Animal Rescue has lots of loving, affectionate, people-oriented animals available for adoption all year long. However, sometimes kitties come to us from situations where they are accustomed to living in outdoor conditions or indoor/outdoor conditions. 

Some of these cats are timid and therefore do not make good candidates for typical indoor home adoptions, and therefore need to be placed in a safe, sheltered, indoor/outdoor homestead. 

If you have a safe barn home please call us at 269-226-8570 or email us at That way when we have kitties requiring these types of homes, we know they will have a safe place to live. 

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Lexi's Love and Kindness

A couple of weeks ago, Kalamazoo Animal Rescue received a concerned call from Kalamazoo County Animal Services.  They had just received an emaciated female Chihuahua with a broken front leg and sores all over her petite body.  KAR wasted no time in retrieving the pup—now named Lexi—bringing her to the Southwest Michigan Animal Hospital right away.  

It was discovered that Lexi had a right radius and ulna fracture which was repaired by securing a plate to her bones.  Lexi spent two days in the hospital recuperating and rehydrating and eating everything in sight.  While in the hospital Lexi’s story was shared on our Facebook page, and touched the heart of a generous lady who reached out to the rescue wanting to help. 

Kalamazoo Animal Rescue has been asked not to share the name of Lexi’s guardian angels so with respect to their wishes we will call them Love and Kindness.  

Love saw Lexi’s story and it touched her heart so much that over the following week, with the help of Kindness, she started to receive donations from her clients to help Lexi.  Meanwhile, Lexi was transitioning perfectly into her foster home and becoming part of the family.  

Little Lexi Lou Who, as her foster family calls her, spends her days relaxing on a couch and her nights sleeping under the covers of her foster mom and dad’s bed.  When they took her to a routine vet visit, Lexi was determined to be about 4 years old, lacking in proper nutrition and the sores are the result of resting on the floor of a wire cage for so long it calloused her skin.  It has not been determined how Lexi broke her leg, but that sometimes happens with little dogs that jump from high distances. 

Little Lexi Lou Who met Love and Kindness a few days later.  They brought her treats, played with her and took lots of pictures.  In addition, Love donated a check to Kalamazoo Animal Rescue in the amount of $600 to go towards Lexi’s operation expenses!!!  Kalamazoo Animal Rescue would like to thank Love and Kindness for their generosity in sponsoring Lexi.  Like so many others out there, Little Lexi Lou Who deserves all that we can give her! Please consider sponsoring one of our many deserving animals.  Every little bit counts.  

Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorials and Honorariums

Memorials and Honorariums: we are so thankful to have received these gifts

To find out more about our memorial and honorary gifts program, read here.

Do you have a story to share with us like Gabby's and Bert's?

Please read: